How to save fuel – the ultimate guide

Fuel saving tips

Petrol is an ongoing necessary expense, even though the fuel prices are rising in New Zealand and abroad we cannot avoid this ongoing expense.

Many times you may find yourself paying just as much for fuel as you do on energy for your home. The good news is, just like you would turn off the lights in your house when you don’t need them to save on your electricity bill, there are ways of reducing the amount you spend on petrol.

Shop around

Pay attention to which petrol companies and petrol stations have the best deals on what days and times.

Petrol stations are competitive when it comes to offering low prices. You could visit their website for any latest offers and promotions or go on their social media pages, as a lot of companies share promotions on their social media pages.

Pay attention to the prices and promotions as you drive by the petrol stations. You can learn which petrol station will save you the most! Be careful about driving too far out of your way for saving on petrol as you may probably end up spending more.

Using apps

Gaspy is one of the popular fuel finding apps that help Kiwi’s find the lowest fuel prices in their area. You could also use one of the fuel tracker apps to keep track of your vehicle expenses, mileage and fuel consumption.

AA Smart cards

AA Smart Fuel Cards can save you on your fuel purchases. Some useful tips for getting the most out of your AA Smart Fuel Card:

Instead of filling up your car, which could be a big expense you could buy $40 of fuel each visit and swipe your AA Smartfuel card to be able to accumulate more cents per litre to redeem in future savings!

You could use their free app to stay on top of your balances, account information, savings and fuel offers.

Link all of your families AA smart fuel cards to accumulate fuel savings together.

You can accumulate more fuel discounts as and when you shop at their 1,300+ participating retailers. Remember not to go out of your way to earn points, shop or limit your choice of retailer, as this will quickly add to your expenses.

useful petrol saving tips

Other Loyalty and Fuel cards

Almost all major fuel companies have smart savings fuel cards offering an impressive array of benefits. To beat the rising fuel prices, make the most out of your Fuel cards.

If you decide to get a retailer-specific fuel card, make sure to get the card of the stations you are most likely to use. Mobil Smiles, AA Smart Fuel Cards, Z’s Fly Buys are some of the popular Loyalty schemes.

If you travel regularly and would prefer to be able to purchase at any station countrywide, consider getting a fuel card that can be used at a variety of locations.

Work out your savings, extra advantages and discount offers. Remember to review additional charges and terms & conditions.

Reduce your fuel consumption

By driving in a more fuel-efficient manner you could cut your current fuel consumption. This could make a big difference to your fuel bill.

Accelerating and braking gently. Look ahead and anticipate when you would have to stop. Traffic can be unavoidable, it’s a good practice to drive at a slow steady speed. Where possible, adjust your time to skip the rush-hour traffic.

Manage your fuel usage by planning your route. Run your weekly errands at once, instead of taking several short round trips. Walk to places if possible.

Use public transport as often as you can, you could save on parking too. Car pooling and cycling are also some great options that will save you on your fuel expenses and wear & tear on your vehicle.

Vehicle maintenance

Regular maintenance will help to reduce your vehicle’s fuel use and maintains the condition of your car.

Keeping tyres topped up with air. Under-inflated tyres burn more fuel so it’s good practice to check your car’s tyres at least once a month.

Clean out your car’s boot as often as possible and avoid carrying unnecessary loads. Cars require more fuel to move more weight.

Air conditioning can use up quite a bit of your fuel, save it for hot summer days. If you are feeling hot wind down your car’s window for some fresh air instead.

Engine litre, weight, age and condition of the car contributes to the fuel consumption. Choosing a fuel efficient vehicle is the most important fuel economy decision you’ll make which will save you heaps over the years.


Disclaimer: The above information is general in nature and not intended to be official advice. You should consider seeking professional advice before following any suggestions in this article.